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Interior Products

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470-01 100% Acrylic  Elastomeric

Premium Quality, Excellent for block and concrete walls and foundations

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SP-1200 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coat

Premium Quality,  Designed for flat and rubber roofs, reflects sunlight for a cooler building

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495 Series Concrete Repair

Unique Products designed for repairing aging concrete

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660-20 Alkyd Aluminum Paint

Designed for exterior metal surfaces, fencing

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219-01 100% Acrylic Kitchen & Bath Semi Gloss

Premium Quality, Mildew Resistant, Scrubbable

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685 Series Traffic Marking Paint

Designed for Parking lots and curbing

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810 Field Marking

Designed for Athletic Fields white and special colors

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SP-1230/SP-1230 Pearlescent Finish Semi Gloss

Silver and Copper Metallic like finish

Tennis Court Finish

Available in Red and Green

280-00 Metal Pretreatment

Cleaner and Degreaser for metal surfaces

508-10 Acrylic Hardner

Unique Additive to increase early hardness to alkyd paints